Andrea Lankford

Just when you think you have heard it all, someone shows up to shatter the “stupid ceiling.” Dr. Arpad Alexander Vass has been the subject of unrelenting defamatory attacks by former park ranger Andrea Rene Lankford who has no damn clue as to the science behind what Dr. Arpad Vass does.

Normally, we meet people that have an open mind where new cutting-edge science is concerned. But occasionally someone really stupid pops up to attack a science they know little or nothing about. People like former park ranger Andrea Lankford  is a person who wallows in a quagmire of ignorance and stupidity.


Park Ranger Andrea Lankford

A young man (David) went missing along the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail). As in most cases, Dr. Vass with is newly invented machine called “The Inquisitor” was called in to help search after all measures had already been exhausted. Dr. Vass revved up his machine and got multiple hits in an area of extremely treacherous terrain.

Multiple hits probably meant that David had died and animals dis-articulated his body spreading parts and pieces in different directions. Dr. Vass’s machine can even detect parts of a human being after being fully digested and passed through the body of the animal. It’s believed that Dr. Vass and his machine detected parts of the missing hiker in animal excrement (scat) in various locations within an area of extremely difficult terrain.

Upon hearing this, it’s believed that super nature girl and former park ranger Andrea Lankford decided to hike into this area alone, probably in an attempt to be the “hero searcher” who found David’s body. Lankford violated rule number one that you should always use the buddy system that all park rangers teach people.

Lankford ended up breaking her leg. Instead of calling the professional Riverside search team to evacuate her out of the area, she chose to call her friends instead. We surmise that she was too embarrassed to call the professionals for help because they would have said, “Just what the hell were you thinking going in there alone?”

Members and associates of Forensic Recovery Services believe former park ranger Lankford chose to blame Dr. Arpad Vass for her broken leg instead of blaming herself for her sheer stupidity in searching alone in such a dangerous area. Andrea could very well be in total denial about why and how she broke her leg and has chosen to viciously attack a good and decent man instead.


Forensic Scientist Dr. Arpad Alexander Vass has a RESUME that rises far above that of a former park ranger. Drawing on decades of experience and education, Dr. Vass invented an incredible machine which helps law enforcement officers to zero in on the location of a missing person by using a reference sample of an immediate family relative.

His machine is based on quantum physics and locates people on a sub-atomic level by matching a reference sample such as fingernail clippings from a living relative.

His new earth-shaking invention is now solving decades old criminal cases. In the case where people have died due to nefarious means, criminals can no longer rest comfortably thinking that law enforcement will never find the victim’s body. Dr. Vass is a major player in solving many cases that have gone cold.

Someone downloaded the picture above from the FRS website, and splattered it with the words “snake oil,” apparently to insinuate that Dr. Vass’s new invention does not work – BUT IT IN FACT DOES WORK.

Dr. Vass is the real McCoy. He’s studied how humans decay after death on a molecular level and has developed, through pain-staking trial and error, a marvelous machine that assists law enforcement officials in locating hidden grave sites.

With extremely limited knowledge and experience as compared to Dr. Vass, former park ranger Andrea Lankford has apparently made it her life’s ambition to attack Dr. Arpad Vass and his new “Inquisitor” machine.

Dr. Vass has a proven track record. He’s been called to testify about human decomposition chemistry in a multitude of high-profile cases such as the 2008 Caylee Anthony case where he proved her body had been placed in the truck of the car.

Dr. Vass has been subpoenaed to testify in England in yet another high-profile case in May 2019. In another case, a man killed his girlfriend, and reminiscent of the movie Fargo, put her body in a wood-chipper. Then he mixed her chopped up body into concrete and used the mixture to pour a wall in his home.

Without anything else to go on, Lankford’s associate Cathy Tarr summoned Dr. Vass to Pennsylvania to see if the Inquisitor could locate her body fragments inside the concrete. Dr. Vass got a hit and they removed a bone chip. The segment of bone is currently being examined to see if the DNA matches the missing girlfriend.

With his amazing grave-detection machine, Dr. Vass has assisted in many other cases as well…

  1. Dr. Vass and his Inquisitor machine found two people who were lost in the Great Smokey Mountains.
  2. Dr. Vass and his Inquisitor machine found a person who drowned in Loudon Lake, Tennessee
  3. Dr. Vass and his Inquisitor machine assisted in finding murder victims in Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina and California
  4. Dr. Vass and his Inquisitor machine assisted in locating the body of a missing college coed in Arroyo Grande, California
  5. Dr. Vass has been called in to help find our Marines who died on the Pacific Atoll of Tarawa when fighting the Japanese in November 1943.
  6. Dr. Vass has been requested to help find many undiscovered bodies in California associated with the Charles Manson murder spree.
  7. Dr. Vass has been requested to help find many undiscovered bodies in California associated with “The Speed Freak Killers” a name given to serial killer duo Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine, suspected in the deaths of as many as 72 people in and around San Joaquin County, California. They received the “speed freak” moniker due to their methamphetamine abuse.

Unfortunately, Dr. Vass is called only after every other attempt to find the individual(s) has failed. Consequently, the task in finding the individual is made extraordinary more difficult because the cases are many years, sometimes decades old, and in some cases, victims are frequently dis-articulated by animals where body parts are strewn over a four square-mile area.

Even in situations where Dr. Vass obtains a “hit” at a location where someone may have been buried and searchers do not find any bones, search teams will receive positive reactions by canines in about 90% of cases.

From his own research and development data since the very beginning, Dr. Vass was achieving an 88% accuracy rate. Because he has improved his machine, it’s accuracy surpasses 90% and has a range of 1.5 miles to 30 miles depending on terrain.

If trained grave-detection dogs are alerting 90% of the time to where Dr. Vass and his machine pointed, the accuracy of his machine is also 90% as well. Retired Police Detective Paul Dostie, who accompanies Dr. Vass on many searches can attest to the accuracy rate of the Inquisitor machine.

Dr. Vass has trained federal agents from the FBI, Treasury, ATF and Fish and Game on how to find clandestine graves. By all that is right and just, Dr. Vass deserves a bit more respect than he is getting from some arrogant, self-serving former park ranger.

Lankford outrageously claims Dr. Vass is selling “snake oil,” meaning giving grieving relatives and loved ones false hope, when people only turn to him when everything else has failed. Many times, Dr. Vass has spent his own money in an effort to help the grieving relatives find their loved one.


The use of psychics to find missing people conjures an image of Andrea Lankford staring into a crystal ball and chanting all night long.

Andrea Lankford and her partner Cathy Tarr chose to rely on four (4) so-called psychics to help find David, the missing hiker on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT), because the terrain was too difficult to traverse.

To our knowledge, psychics have about a zero percentage rate of finding hidden graves, but yet she as the reckless temerity to insinuate Dr. Vass is some sort of charlatan preying on the weak and confused to somehow enrich himself. It makes us wonder where Lankford and Tarr are receiving their funding.

We hear a rumor that Andrea Lankford has plans to file a complaint with the United States Patent Office alleging Dr. Vass’s invention is a fraud. The bottom line is Dr. Vass’s machine actually works and people are having real difficulty believing it.

Andrea Lankford is doing her level best to warn people not to believe in Dr. Vass or his new cutting-edge technology. We on the other hand, warn people about believing anything Andrea Lankford says about anyone. She is a nasty person who apparently enjoys tearing people down in order to build herself up.

Andrea Lankford was a park ranger for 14 years, but for some reason left that career just shy of a potential retirement. Maybe she just woke up one day and decided to quit, or maybe she was asked to submit her resignation.

former park ranger Andrea Lankford

Based on her outrageously scurrilous personal attacks on Forensic Scientist Dr. Arpad Vass, we are inclined to believe she was probably fired from the park service. If Andrea would like to set the record straight about how and why she left her park-service career; we are listening.

Detective Paul Dostie has worked with Dr. Vass on many cases throughout the world, and has trained some of the finest grave detection dogs on earth.  Detective Paul Dostie has possibly found more clandestine graves than anyone in the world (250+), and gave 30 years of his life as a police officerDetective Dostie has little regard for Lanford’s abilities to find human remains.

It’s clear to anyone who has researched Lankford’s lack of credentials that she is a legend in her own mind. All the great inventors of the world were called “nuts” before it was discovered their inventions and ideas revolutionized the world. Dr. Vass is just one of those people who is revolutionizing the world, and Andrea Lankford is just one of those nuts who does not have the capacity to understand ground-breaking science.

For those who have contacted us to reveal the dubious activities of Andrea Lankford and Cathy Tarr, we thank you and keep the information coming. We will fully expose this fraudulent group of people.