We have been surprised and dismayed at the numbers of people who present themselves as experts in the art and science of finding missing persons who are presumed dead.

For some reason, there are people who are ethically challenged who attempt to take advantage of misery and sorrow to either make money and/or become famous.

This website has been established to expose these unscrupulous people in an effort to warn the grieving to be very careful who they trust and give money to in an effort to find their loved one(s).

Generally, when someone is missing and may have fallen victim to foul play, the police are called in. In the case of kidnapping, the FBI may also become involved. That person is placed on a missing person database until they are found either dead or alive.

After months and years go by and the case goes cold, desperate parents and loved ones will begin to seek the help of others who may have more effective means to find the missing person(s). This is when they fall prey to people who have no skill and no talent and no track record of finding missing people.

In a last ditch effort, they will turn to most anyone for help and frequently become victims of one scam after another. When the people you hire start calling in psychics, that’s when you need to stop and seek out real professionals who have a history of finding missing people.

Sometimes, people fall victim to police skulduggery also. The place all their faith and confidence in police authorities only to find out there may have been some political reason the police didn’t want to find the missing individual(s).

This frequently happens when a missing college coed is raped and murdered. Sometimes these colleges are located in sparcly populated areas where the college president, town mayor and chief of police all go golfing together.

The college doesn’t want any bad publicity so, the police who also live in the community do whatever they can to ensure the body is not found. They keep the file open as if they were actually investigating, when in reality they are doing the opposite.

By keeping the file open, they can deny all FOIA requests and seal everything off very nicely.

Please, if you are a relative or a loved one of someone who is missing, be very careful who you “get in bed” with. The wrong decision can not only break your bank account, it can also break your heart as well.